March 19, 2012

Team Thomson

Since Matt and I have gotten married we have had several opportunities to babysit together. A great family in Lakeside, who are friends and mentors of ours, have asked us on numerous occasions to hang out with their kids. Until recently we were watching three children, but this past August a fourth joined the fun! We were thrilled to be asked to babysit them while home on Matt's spring break...

Not only is this a treat for us, but also really beneficial. Matt and I have learned a lot from watching each other with these kids. I’m amazed at Matt’s patience, his creative energy and his ability to make kids laugh. In many cases he is a kid himself, but when it comes to taking control and seeing things through, he is on top of it. I really like knowing that when we have children Matt is going to be an amazing dad. I have always known this, but witnessing it now is pretty great. Once we are done babysitting we always find ourselves talking about our future family- the hopes and dreams we have, the desires...the confidence of knowing God is calling us to have a family. It's amazing what these babysitting adventures do for us as we desire to pray, plan and dream of our future.

And not to mention there is so much to gain from Ryan and Sarah, the parents of these kiddos. I really do admire their parenting style and hope to be able to have half as much energy as they do for parenting. Their children beam with love, wit, smarts and creativity... all nurtured and grown by their parents. This time with their family is truly a blessing and a gift for our future.

I only had my cell phone on me this particular day so the pictures are not so great… but the kids in them are too cute not to share. We also learned that the baby enjoyed Matt best. He was able to calm her down each time and preferred him much to me.  Ah well.

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