March 18, 2012

Week With the ‘Rents:

Our week and a half in Port Clinton flew by. It was here and gone before we realized it was already time to move on. I think I was just getting use to the routine. Waking up with out an alarm, relaxing in the sunroom and fiddling with my quilt project. There just wasn’t enough time in the week. 

All week long we had planned an outing on Friday. My parents were pumped to take us “bar” hopping to celebrate me getting into grad school, us being home and my dad having a successful colonoscopy! Much to be celebrated we first headed out to The Tackle Box in Fremont, a fun dive bar with fried food and lots of character. It was a fun pit stop. Then it was off to one of my parent’s favorite date local, The Chateau Tebeau Winery in Helena, OH. This winery is great. Good wine, good atmosphere and great company. We enjoyed an afternoon of chatter and walking the vineyards. I don’t drink often and when I do I drink very little. It just doesn’t go so well with some of the medications I take, so it was a treat to sip some wine and just enjoy the afternoon.

Several hours later we ended up at a Chinese restaurant that served humungo servings. With our bellies full we headed home very happy and satisfied with a perfect day with my parents. We really do have a great friendship with my parents. They have always offered great advice, counsel and relationship. Though we don’t always agree, they are always willing to discuss and offer their life experience. Three cheers to them!

Thanks guys for a great week home. So sorry it sped by! We look forward to June and more adventures with you!

And now we are in Pittsburgh! Ready to enjoy our week and a half with Matt’s family. We really are just so blessed. 

The Tackle Box, Fremont, OH

The Chateau Tebeau Winery, Helena, OH

While we were there a big gust of something really stinky graced our noses. This is how mom fixed that problem. :)


  1. :( I miss your 'rents. Man oh man they are good people and I owe them so much for all the loving they've shown me.
    send them my love.
    Also, I love the photo of the coi fish

  2. Aw thanks for the comment Carrie! I'll be sure to send them your love. I know they miss you too! Hope you are well my love! xo