April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend-here and gone. 

Easter is actually my favorite holiday. When I was little my dad would have boutonnieres waiting for my mom and I--they went so nicely with our Easter dresses and the bonnet I would wear. 

I remember Easter pictures from when they would take me to my favorite park. I even had bunny ears for some of the pictures.

As I’ve gotten older I appreciate the fresh warmer air of spring, flowers blooming, the smell of cut grass and pastel colors galore. Easter is full of “happy” for me. My family has done a great job of making sure I am aware of the extreme joy this holiday holds.

And this year was no different. We had the wonderful company of my parents this past Easter weekend. I love that with each year these parents of mine are becoming more ‘friends’ than just ‘parents’. 


Check out Shade Winery. It is one of our favorite places to go here in Athens. 



Easter Sunday, dressed for church:

That was pretty much our Easter. So thankful Matt and I both have parents so willing to hop in a car and make the four hour drive. I guarantee that when this graduate school chapter of our life is over, I will say one of the largest supporting factors will have been the visits from our parents. So parents…. Thank you!



  1. That sounds like an amazing Easter! I have parents that are becoming more like friends too. It's wonderful :)

  2. We had an awesome time sharing our Easter with you guys. Love the pictures!

  3. @Katie--parents as friends are wonderful. Glad to hear you have such a great friendship too! It's a gift!

    @mom-- :) Love ya!