April 11, 2012


Bangs. I have a love hate relationship with my bangs. They drive me nuts about 90% of the time. But then on a rare day I like 'em.

I have been hesitant to get bangs for a good while because I have loved being able to just pull back all of my hair when necessary. But then I got an itch for bangs. If only I knew how itchy my face would actually be because of the bangs.

Maybe it's my allergies, but I swear my bangs cause major itchy face syndrome.

I'm also a big fan of eyebrows. I love eyebrows and think they do so much for eyes. With bangs you have hidden eyebrows and that is just no fun.

Well I guess I'm stuck with them for a while. Here's hoping to find a way to love them.


  1. I feel the exact same way!!! Once in a while I like them, but most of the time? They're just annoying. Oh and I totally get the eyebrow thing!

  2. That's kinda funny because I love your bangs. I think mine need to grow out a bit more... who knows :)

  3. I cut my bangs above my eyebrows...no itch, no eyebrow concealment...WIN!

    I didn't realize your eyes were so pretty until this pic! YAY EYES!

  4. Aw thanks Alicia! I hide them behind glasses most days :). I do love your bangs. But not sure I want to go shorter... I think I'm already going to start growing them out again. And I'm not sure I could pull them off as well as you do. ;)