April 20, 2012

Photo Friday

I've noticed that one thing I love about blogs are the pictures. I love photos, I love taking them, playing with my camera and catching something worth catching. But I have also noticed that so many of the pictures I love are pictures of children. Many bloggers I follow are mama's--and I love everything they share, post and write about. But what I love most is their darling pictures of their children.

Guess what... I don't have any children. Therefore I lack those darling pictures. So instead I'm taking the opportunity to find all the other beauty that surrounds me. I live in a very pretty place...and sometimes, most times, I take my sights for granted. So today I present to you: the beauty I'm seeing. And someday I'll have pictures of my children to share.


  1. I love the 3rd photo. I don't have children either so I'm constantly posting photos of my dog. He's sorta like my child!

    1. :) Pictures of doggies are quite darling as well. And until it's my time to have children-- dogs it will be! Thanks for stopping in and commenting!