April 19, 2012


Embracing the Camera:

 Who remembers Myspace? Long time ago... there was this social networking site called Myspace. Get it... like not your space but my space?

I'm sure we all remember Myspace, I'm just being silly. I loved Myspace and I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who still do--but I moved on to Facebook and just left Myspace to get dusty in the corner of the world wide web. Not too long ago I signed into my account to get some writings I had blogged over there. It was kind of fun to look back at all I ever posted, uploaded and shared. Probably very similar to what it will be like to look back at my Facebook in 10-20 years from now :)

I think I got Myspace when I was in 7th or 8th grade? My best friend signed me up and we were off to explore the 'first' social networking site. It was very much a part of my middle school/high school years.

In checking out my Myspace page I noticed how many 'selfie' shots I had. I suppose I loved taking pictures of myself, and for some odd reason I assumed others liked looking at me...

To my defense everyone was doing it :)

And some people still are. I decided to relive the formerly regular activity of mine and took some "selfies" just for you!

Besides, it was a rare day that I did my hair. It was kind of a monumental day of sorts.

So go ahead... take some pictures of yourself, it's therapeutic-- and comical. 

I think I'm thinking "Boy is this mirror dusty. I wonder who is suppose to clean this place?"


  1. You're gorgeous! Oh, the myspace days. I thought it was so cool you could have a song on your profile! haha!

  2. Thank you Katie. I'd say more goofy than anything :). Music on your profile was the best!

  3. Beautiful "selfies." You have an amazing smile!

  4. my Myspace using was mostly in college. I think I first "met" you on Myspace! so amazing LOL

    1. I think you are right! :) I remember being really stubborn about giving up Myspace for Facebook...but there came a time when no one was using Myspace... and I age in.

      Do you remember when we had "Bluffton Facebook"? It was only for connecting with people at Bluffton and it was super limited. I had that for a brief second and then somehow a request was put in to the real Facebook for Bluffton to get the real deal. Just funny to think back to the beginnings of this crazy social networking sight that we all (love) and use so much.

  5. Super cute! I love the last picture the most.