May 16, 2012

Speed of Light

Life is like the speed of light, I swear it's here and gone.

Matt and I have been a tad bit busy getting things arranged and completed for the end of Matt's academic year. He only has about two weeks of school left and then we head on home to P.C. to start our summer jobs. This just means everything is happening quite quickly. Our weeks are getting blurred and our big 'events' on the calendar are coming at us so quickly. Life is speeding by.

This past weekend was one of those weekends I had been looking forward to for a while. We knew it would be busy, but we also knew it would be great. And great it was.

On Friday evening we were invited to Matt's supervisor's house for an evening of yummy food and great conversation. It really was a great time. What gets me most excited is that a few of these fine people will be my co-workers/supervisors next year! And they are wonderful and I love that I will be working in this office. I truly am passionate about education, health, wellness and awareness--I can't wait to get started.

In these photos are the supervisors and the four graduate assistants that make up Health Promotion at Ohio University. Great bunch of people and I'm excited to be working with a few of them this fall.

I had to post this picture of Liz because I'm obsessed with her gorgeous hair, and really just her. She is an intern in the Health Promotion office, sadly she graduates soon and won't be around next year. Sad face. 

After a great evening at Matt's supervisor's house we headed off to walk with Relay for Life. We walked from 9pm-midnight and it was pretty cool. You know it was my first time doing any sort of walk/run and it was nice. Next time I hope to be more involved and raise more money.

Several people from Matt's cohort arranged, planned and participated in the Relay for Life event--

On Saturday we were really excited for our evening full of friends. We headed out to our favorite Athens winery to meet with our great friends Natalie and Mark. Natalie is a fellow classmate of Matt's and has become one of our great friends in the program. 

After the winery we met up with our friend Melissa from undergrad. She came into Athens from Columbus for the night to attend the musical "In the Heights". We all enjoyed the musical and the company of great people.

Melissa made yummy mini cupcakes for her arrival. Look at how cute these were!

I love Mel. She is definitely one of those friends that picks up right where we left off. We stayed up till 4am chatting just because girl talk/catching up is so worth it. 

What a great weekend! So thankful for the friends we have and the relationships we have built here in Athens. We weren't always sure this was a place we could come to love, but as acquaintances become friends and we establish more memories here, this place really will be a special place to Matt and I. 

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