May 27, 2012

Sunday Confessions

Time to confess.

1. The last week or so I have been back to my same summer job that I have had for four years. Not only do I get to hang out with Ali all summer long but I also work in a Fair Trade retail store in Lakeside, OH called the World Next Door. It has been so amazing to be back in Lakeside and working with a family I adore. There I get the opportunity to talk about my faith freely, to share what God has been doing in my life--and to relish in the chance to be a part of something such as Lakeside. (Lakeside is a small gated summer Chautauqua located on the shore of Lake Erie. It is a Methodist community with tons of opportunities for educational and spiritual growth. For someone like me with a passion for people, God and social justice--this place is home.)

And now I will get to the point of my confession.... God has been laying some serious Lakeside love on my heart. I'm not sure what exactly it means, but it currently is cultivating a desire to someday be a part of Lakeside is a larger way. Whether is be through professional employment in Lakeside, or owning a home there someday... I'm really not sure--but I can't help but imagine my children running free is the beauty of Lakeside; after a morning spent eating doughnuts from the patio and a few rounds of shuffle board. (check out The Chautauqua on Lake Erie: Lakeside)

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 2. I don't love Ohio University. Matt's one year into his program and I'll start in the fall. I'm really hoping that once I am a student and more involved I will learn to love OU. I can not be more thankful for the opportunity and for the experiences that are drastically different from anything Matt and I have known before. But for right now, and to be really honest, I don't love it there. I love the people we know and the memories being made, but I don't love the area, the home we live in and the lack of comfort.

3. I want a new camera lens so bad that it's really all I think about purchasing. It's so silly. I have absolutely no need for this lens, it's purely a want, and yet I can't shake the desire to get my hands on this lens. Patience Katie, patience. 

4. This Memorial Day weekend my entire family on my dad's side is down in North Carolina celebrating the wedding of my nephew--and yet I'm not there. Matt and I had to make the choice between working the busy holiday weekend up here on the Lake or take off and enjoy family time. I can't wait till we have the luxury of saying "No." to work and "Yes!" so all those special moments in life. Unfortunately we just need the money right now and could not justify taking off this weekend. Confession: I'm so bummed I'm not with my family; laughing till my belly hurts and all. 

Proof of the fun I am missing:

5. Just like I mentioned in my previous post about Cravings I am really looking at babies and having a deep desire to have one of my own. There is so much I'm looking forward to in that chapter of life and some days I just wish that was where I was at. I don't think I take what I have now for granted though and I thoroughly enjoy being just "Matt and Me", but sometimes I picture little versions of Matt's running around and my heart swells. 


  1. I can relate to the wanting a baby thing but now not being the right time. I'm trying to enjoy the now and do as many awesome things as I can before we get to that point...

    1. I agree! I have a nice leap list started of things my hubby and I want to do before babies. It's just hard waiting for that 'right' time. Desires of the heart can be pretty powerful at time ;)

  2. I understand the baby thing - I think I'm a little on the baby hungry side, too.
    I know how much it sucks to be far away from family over the holiday weekend, but I'm sure you'll make the best of it!!
    That lake looks absolutely amazing!
    Thanks for linking up!! :)

    1. Thanks for allowing me to link up! It's kinda nice to take the time to confess the matters of the heart. :) Love your blog!

  3. I know you've been in Athens for a year now, but any help or guidance that you might need to make your time there more comfortable, let me know! My brother lives in Athens, I went to school there (twice) and I have several friends who are married 20-somethings who don't quite fit in with the college scene anymore!