June 11, 2012

Slumber Party!

This past weekend was a little extra special.  Ali, my dear friend (as you all know)--has an older sister who was joyfully celebrating her graduation from The Ohio State University this weekend. What did this mean for Ali and I? It meant we were going to have a sleepover!

This sleepover experience was bound to be great. With Ali's parents off witnessing Sister graduate, we were off to experience all things Slumber Party!

Our weekend included spa night, movies, ice cream, sunshine, a visit to Mrs. B's house and a special surprise for sister!

I have to say this girl continues to amaze me. She makes me laugh, she make me love more and bigger, she loves life--even the little things, and well, she loves me. Thanks for a great weekend Ali!

Green Eggs and Ham of course! 

 Spa night begins....

We had to have popcorn!

And root-beer floats!

Always time for a blue slushie...

Ever had spider pasta? It was a hit and great for fine motor skills! It was pretty great. 

And a surprise for sister! Congratulations Amanda!

Here's to a great slumber party!

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  1. This looks like a fun time was had. Beautiful pictures!