June 12, 2012

Ultra-Sound {If only it was for a baby}

Update on my thyroid condition:

{Feel free to catch up on my thyroid journey here, hereand here} I know a lot people, particularly women, have thyroid troubles. So please feel free to message me if you want to share your story, your struggles or your frustrations with the thyroid. :)

Over the past couple years I have had an ultra-sound and a fine needle biopsy. Things came back pretty good from the biopsy that I had back in December 2011-- and the doctor ordered another ultra-sound for six months down the road. Well that six months was yesterday. I got my second ultra-sound yesterday and things seem to be going well with my lumpy lumps. I had the same tech as last time, however she was much more friendly the first time. She let Matt go in with me, but this time she didn't allow anyone in the room. I really was just hoping to have someone take a picture so I could post it on here, but since she was not having the best day (I suppose) I didn't push it. The ultra sound took about five minutes. She told me that nothing seemed to have grown (the best news) and I should have official results next week.

Next week I travel into Cleveland to meet with my specialist (endocrinologist). I anticipate good news! I have felt so good the last few months that I feel like I finally have things straightened out with this thyroid stuff. I always mention that I know many people don't ever experience symptoms with their thyroid condition--and that is indeed wonderful, but as for me and my experience it has not been as easy. By no means is this the worst thing ever, it has just caused a few speed bumps along the way.

As I have mentioned in posts long ago I also struggle with anxiety issues, I have been told that a lot of this discomfort can come from the thyroid condition its self. I hope to someday speak more freely, openly, and in depth about these anxiety/panic struggles but for now I'm just not all that ready. But please know that if you have ever experienced similar symptoms, related to thyroid or not, I would love to be a resource to you. It's a scary, awful thing to navigate, so don't hesitate to contact me by email. barcra@bluffton.edu

So that's my update. I'll have more news next week, but honestly I really feel like my roller coaster adventure with the initial diagnosis and treatment of this auto-immune disease is over. And that feels so wonderful. It's just a part of my life, a little bit of who I am--and I hope to be a resource and an encourager on the topic.

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