August 8, 2012


Three days until my summer on the Lake is over. Over. :(

I just don't like this fact. I've had a great summer. A fast summer and I'm not ready to say goodbye.

My last day working with Ali is Friday. Ali is my friend, my side kick and not having her around is just going to be weird. Ali tells me I'm funny everyday. What am I going to do without her laughing at me and reassuring me, that I am in fact, funny?

And then to top off all these weird and sad emotions that I'm obviously obsessing over-- I bought school supplies. The last time I even cared about school supplies was five years ago. Five years ago. I have not had to stress over a paper or a test in at least five years. So what the heck do I think I'm doing starting graduate school?!

So it hit me a bit more while I was perusing the school supply aisle. I am going back to school and I am scared. And I'm not even sure I know how to write research papers anymore and I'm almost positive I can't read 100 pages of text a night. 

Buying folders and notebooks really made the butterflies fly.

And hanging out with Ali this week, and having her ask if I'll be back tomorrow, has been hard. Because I may be back tomorrow, but I won't be back on Monday.

Did I ever mention how much I suck at change?

Did I also forget to mention that I am going to Isle of Palms, SC on Saturday? Thank goodness for the beach. Thank goodness for a transition from one 'part' of life to the next.

Beach here I come.


  1. Ending one season to start a new one is always bittersweet. I know that this new season will be challenging but will bring so much joy! Love the photos.

  2. Just stumbled across your blog... and can you please not remind me that my summer is over too & now I have to go back to school? WAHH! Have fun in SC, i'm super jealous! Can you pack me in your suitcase & take me with you?!

  3. Great photos! I've been praying for you through this transition & about the apprehensions you had mentioned in your last post.

    Also, I nominated you for the Liebster award!! (check out my blog for the deats)

    ♥ Sarah