August 20, 2012

Day One. Check.

Here I sit on the evening of my first day of graduate assistantship orientation. First things first, I survived, clearly. :)

Secondly, I enjoyed myself!

I have a unique situation in that I volunteered last school year for several months in the office that I am now currently working as a Health Promotion graduate assistant. This means I know a lot already, obviously there is a ton to learn, but I know the setting, the atmosphere, where the bathrooms are, the printers, the storage and so on. I also know the people too--which is such a blessing. I still had nerves today, you betcha, but I can only imagine what they could have been if I did not already have some experience.

God works in some pretty fantastic ways. He knew how this chapter of my life needed to go, he knew that I needed a "volunteer" experience that would introduce me to the people and places that would make my graduate school experience a million times easier on me and my personality. He just knew. And as I sit here and reflect on all the gifts and blessings and 'soft landings' I have been given... I'm just amazed. Do I even deserve this?

So I'm on my way. This week is crazy busy, but I'm excited. I'm rejuvenated, I feel like I have a purpose, I'm worthy and God may just be using me in some pretty cool ways.

This was Matt last year on his first day of grad school:

And this is me on my first day, one year later!

This is just one of the events I'll be helping with this weekend, I volunteered last year and got some pictures to document Matt's journey as a graduate student, who knew it would be me this year? Life is cool.


  1. Happy first day of grad school!

  2. YAY!!!! I'm so glad you first day went well! God is awesome. And you look gorgeous :0