August 28, 2012

First Day Flowers

My first day of school went well! Actually my three hour class was cut in half because the professor had somewhere else he needed to be.

But it felt so good to be a student again! I forgot how much I 'enjoy' being a student. I say 'enjoy' because I still get stressed by papers, studying and public speaking--but I do love learning and I love what I am learning.

I'm sure mid-semester I'll be in over my head, but for now, being back in a classroom as a student feels so good. So so good.

When Matt picked me up from campus after calss he had "first day of class" flowers for me! Like come on, can we say best husband award? Man is this guy good!

I had a fantastic day, I did indeed.

Now off to write a paper for class tomorrow. Eek! ;)


  1. How sweet!! btw - I love your glasses!

  2. He's so sweet! And Im glad class is good so far!! :)