August 27, 2012

WeekOne: Check

I'm one week in to this new chapter of my life and I'm loving it. I'm actually really enjoying being busy, having places to be and investing in something other than myself.

I thought I would give a brief description of what I am doing here at OU as a graduate student. I am in an academic program called College Student Personnel. Not many have heard of this degree, but it's preparing us to be professionals in a college/university. We are not learning to be professors, but rather studying the jobs of those working on the Student Affairs side of things. Ya know, like the people who run the campus outside of the classroom. Most dean's have a CSP degrees--as well as presidents. I don't claim to want to be a president or even a dean, but I would love to make an impact on college-aged students someday. I love this demographic, I love the energy found on a campus and the opportunities that abound.

So that's what I'll be studying, but what I'm doing is called a graduate assistantship. My title for this is:  Tobacco, Other Drugs and Recovery Graduate Assistant. I work in the Health Promotion office on campus. We just recently got approved for space to grow an organization called the Collegiate Recovery Community. My role in this organization is so exciting. The plan and hope is that the organization, the space and our role (my supervisor and I) is supportive. We are available to those who are in recovery from substance abuse (however not limited to just substance abuse recovery) or those who are close to someone in recovery.

This is exciting, our new space is exciting and what is ahead is exciting.

I'm just excited.

Did you pick up on that? ha :) 

Yesterday was the campus involvement fair. We worked the event as well as had a booth for the Collegiate Recovery Community. All in all, it was a great day.

Tomorrow is my first day of classes! :) Wish me luck! 

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  1. I'm glad to hear you're excited friend! Good luck tomorrow!!