August 1, 2012


Hi regular readers! As you have probably noticed I have been posting a lot of pictures lately of cute babies, kids and families--well I'm trying my hand at a little family portrait hobby and I'm liking, I'm liking it a lot....

And you know what is the best part of it all? Hanging out with these families, laughing with the kids and holding babies! So I'm crushing on every baby I set my eyes on these days, so you better believe I love taking pictures of them, seeing them smile and watching the parents oogle over the cuteness they created.

This next family was super cute: Shannon, Eric and baby Reed. I went to college with Shannon and Eric and got to meet Reed for the first time. It was a great afternoon and they were all super easy to photograph. I loved seeing Reed admire his daddy playing the guitar--such cute family moments.

Thanks again for taking a peak at my photos. I'm just having a really good time taking pictures.

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  1. Love the pics :) You've got the f-e-v-e-r... hahaha join the club! Baby Reed is such a cutie--love the ones where he's watching his dad play the guitar!