August 3, 2012

Mrs. P and Max

Thanks for hanging in there and lookin' and the cute faces I've been taking pictures of lately. Like others who take a ton of family portraits that my regular blog peeps may not really care about--I may start a blog for my photos. Not really sure yet.

It's really been kind of neat, over the last few weeks I've had a few families interested in me for their family portraits. Crazy? Yes, yes it is. I'm one of those people who has a hard time believing in myself, I guess... or why anyone else would entrust me with their family pictures. But none the less, some have, and ya know... I'm having a really great time. If nothing else I get to hang out with great people, doing something I really enjoy doing. As for the future of my photography... I have no idea. There is so much I have to learn yet. Another great thing about starting graduate school this fall is that I can take an elective of my choice. Want to guess what it may be?

Once I have more confidence in what I do, I definitely look forward to a future of snapping away with my DSLR.

This past week with Ali has been packed full of fun. Honestly I'm trying to think back to Monday and what we did, and I just can't remember. Everyday we have been on some sort of adventure. I just love summer. I love hanging out with Ali and I love that this is my 'job', because really-- it's just so much more than a job. How about hanging out with my best friend? Yea, that's what I do all summer long.

Yes we have matching Tye-dye shirts. Oh... maybe that's what we did on Monday. Yep, it's all coming back to me. That was fun. I have some great pics of our Tye-dying fun I'll share in my wrap up of summer later in August.

Yesterday Ali and I met up with her former teacher, Mrs. P. You see Mrs. P or as I call her, Brandi, is a good friend of mine. When I worked in the school system as Ali's one on one aide, we were in Brandi's classroom. She is such a wonderful person, teacher, mama-- you name it and she is just one big heart giving every job and relationship all her love. So when she called me up and asked for a play date day with her little boy and Ali, of course we were all over it. 

We decided on a Deer Park near by. Maybe I should have googled what a deer park was, but I didn't, so I learned the more interesting way. Once we stepped into the gated deer park area we quickly had about 20 deer eye balls staring us down and demanding any food we may have. I'm still not sure if it was fun or terrifying. But for now I'll go with fun since I didn't have nightmares about deer last night.

 After our hot and intrusive date with the deer we headed to the park for a picnic lunch, a few twirls on the merry-go-round and lots of laughs.

 After our fun at the park we ended our visit with a stop at our favorite ice cream shop. I kinda believe that every great and perfect play day should end in ice cream. It's the cherry on top. If ya know what I mean. Except no one got a sundae with a cherry on top--that would have been a good idea.

And then we handed the camera over to Ali and she got a great shot of Brandi and I. Proof that we finally got to hang out this summer.  Just wish it could have happened more!

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