September 24, 2012

I Had a Birthday

It's true. I'm a year older.

I celebrated my 26th birthday on the 20th. 26 means I'm now closer to 30 than 20 and that's just weird, but cool. With age comes knowledge, experience, life lessons, turning 26 is great. I received so much love on my birthday, my phone looked like this all day long :)

My parents were able to come down the night before my birthday, so I woke up on my actual birthday with all my favorite people in the world! It was perfect. We also had a jammed pack few days planned for their visit, which is why this birthday was a tad bit nontraditional and wonderful all the same.

My husbands' graduate assistantship here at Ohio University deals with working with performing arts. And it just so happened that Chris Young (a country music singer) was performing to a packed crowd on my birthday. Matt also gets us a 'special' deal on tickets ;) So guess where I was that night?

I was in the midst of summer dresses, cowboy boots and chewing tobacco. It was my first country concert (I'm not really a huge country fan) and boy was it an interesting night. I love seeing people having a great time and that is pretty much all I saw that night.

Matt even got a picture with Chris Young before the show. (We lead such an interesting life). Matt and his GA office are hosting Frankie Muniz's band this Thursday on campus. Maybe I'll have a picture with him this week too.

The following day we toured campus with my parents and then lived it up at our local (and favorite) winery, called Shade Winery. Such a great place to catch up with my parents and celebrate my birthday. 

That night we also got to attend another performing arts show through Matt's GA. This time it was Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. Anyone know him? He won America's Got Talent last year and we had him on campus for a show. He did great! Underdog stories are the best.

So then it was time to go home, eat some yummy treats and admire my birthday presents. My mom also got me quite a bit of clothes too, but I didn't take a picture of those. But she did so good buying me stuff, she usually does. Thanks mom! :) 

 Mom's homemade cream puffs! So So so So So so good! 

 And lastly my birthday weekend was finished off with attending the football game, which we won big time, and then attending one more performing arts show....Second City. All it all, fabtab birthday celebration!


  1. Landau is from about 45 minutes south of Charleston, so everyone here is crazy about him! Isn't it great that OU has such a good Performing Arts series? Every so often, I'm tempted to come take advantage of the concerts. I'm also so proud of the football team! This is the best start they have had in decades! I'm actually planning on coming to Athens for Homecoming in a few weeks.