September 23, 2012

Some of our favorite visitors!

I've mentioned that I'm busy, right? That I'm overwhelmed? Well that's still the same the only difference is that I stopped blogging because I think I might just complain and who really wants to read about me complaining? Oh and that I don't have time to blog, and well that's the saddest. I'm pretty sure I need to blog just as much as some people need to exercise. I've been a "couch potato" blogger this week, but I'm back to share happy and wonderful things that make this life so special.

Last weekend we had visitors! Some of our most favorite visitors there could be! They are Jess and Brandon. Jess and Brandon are great friends from college. We consider them our married-couple-best-friends. They are just that special to us. So as you can imagine, we were thrilled when a weekend worked for both of us! They came down on Friday evening, where they enjoyed an undergraduate health promotion event our peer organization was putting on (Matt and I had to work the event so decided to just have them join us). At this event we got some body art and some photo-booth fun. Livin' up the undergrad life, well the sober undergrad life. Much more our speed.

Yes, I did get a temporary tattoo on my lower back. And here is why: I'm not sure I'll ever have another chance to have such a tattoo. And take note... its hearts connected by barbed wire, sooo me. 

 Another guy at the event got the same tattoo as me in the same place. Don't we look good?

 Jess got a musical staff. It was super cute.
 Brandon didn't get a tattoo so we called him a party pooper.
 The next day we gave them a tour of campus and went on a geocaching adventure. This was a first for Matt and I and it was a lot of fun. We found the site and a box located in a tree. Looking for treasure is fun and we had a good time doing it :) 

We had such a great time with Jess and Brandon and just loved getting to catch up and enjoy their company. 

 And then I was able to catch some lovey-dovey pics of these two:

 What a fun weekend! Thank you guys so much! :)


  1. Lovely pics! Thanks for sharing them! And PS: If you want to blog to vent, I would totally read!