September 2, 2012


So my friends of Lakeside will understand this, but for the rest of you, let me paint ya the picture. A 20x12 store with no windows, a broken air conditioner, a 50% off all merchandise sale and a large mass of people in the store at any given moment. This is where I will be today. (Let's hope the person who decided to fart in the store yesterday doesn't make an appearance today.) Happy Labor Day weekend! :)

Anyone who has worked retail will understand. I love retail and I love people, so it really is a great fit, however there are some days that leave me amazed. The annual 50% off at North Coast Kite Co. is one of those 'days' (it's actually a weekend of deals). When we arrived at the store a little before 10am (opening at 10am) there was a line of 30 some people waiting to attack the sale. Some people are very serious about the half off sale. I must say my bosses do always pick the cutest shirts and Lakeside apparel.

I've talked about odd jobs I've had before and the t-shirt store kinda falls into this category. The actual sales associate aspect of this job is not all that odd, but the folding of the t-shirts is. I have spent the last four years folding t-shirts for this store. The owners have about 100+ boxes of t-shirts and sweatshirts delivered in the month of May, someone sits in a house, tags them, folds them and labels them for storage. That someone has been me. And ya know it's one of those odd jobs, but it's always been a blessing and it gives me an entirely new appreciation for clothing retail.

As you can imagine I was cringing during the half off sale. You were lucky if you could find a folded shirt. But hey, it's all in a days work.

And as a final note about my t-shirt job, I'm in love with my bosses and I have gotten to spend this entire weekend working with Kim and I could not be more thankful for this job, our relationship and the laughs we have had.

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