September 4, 2012

Life is a'Movin'

My whirlwind weekend full of passionate sale shoppers, t-shirts and intense heat came to end on a great note. I loved getting the time to work all four days with my boss and I loved the chance to be home, even if it was brief.

Matt and I worked most of yesterday, loaded up the car around dinner time and headed south for our four-some-hour commute back to grad school. I sometimes look at Matt and our approach to life and have to laugh. We are just always going, doing and moving. We are 'yes' people and we try our hardest to give everything all we've got. I think this is a good quality for us as individuals as well as a couple, but ya know what... sometimes ya' get tired.

And we are tired.

We are back into full swing of our assistantships and our classes. I'm working on my first graduate school paper, trying to keep up with the hundreds of pages of reading assigned and completing the homework due. It's really kinda odd trying to reformat my brain back into a 'student' role. It takes a lot of readjusting, time management skills and the ability to let some things 'flow'. I don't think I've lost these skills but I definitely believe they need sharpening :).

On the agenda for this coming weekend? Some 'us' time. Some chill and breath moments. Only three days to go :)

And some snapshots of this past weekend (besides the images from the t-shirt store):

The view from the building that I was working in this weekend. Got to love the lake, even on windy and gloomy days.

My dog, Moxy. Of all the people she loves in the world she only gives me kisses. And I love her kisses. My dear Moxy is 13 years old and is really starting to show her age. I love her so dearly and often think of her as a sibling. We have been sisters since I was thirteen and I hate to think of the day she won't be here anymore. I was eating up all the lovin' this weekend.

Found this big sign from our wedding. It was hiding under my (guest room) bed. It's dusty and looks a little worn, but it's still lovely to me and brings back some great wedding day memories.

A sunnier day inside Lakeside. Sometimes I can't believe that I get to call this place 'home'. It's gorgeous and yes, it's in Ohio. Amazing.

 Moxy again. Always resting these days. Taking the laid back approach to life. I guess that's what old age is all about.

My (parent's) neighbor got a puppy! I actually don't remember what mix this pup is but he will stay small. Once again I loved the puppy snuggles and his chill puppy temperament.

 And lastly and most disgustingly... On our way back down to Athens we stopped at the first fast food joint we came across. This place being Burger King. I'm a pretty simple burger eater--I enjoy plain cheeseburgers. Matt ordered me this burger (because it was a buck and we are cheap) and it easily is the most disgusting thing I have ever received from a fast food place. And that's saying a lot. I was hungry, therefore I was fairly disappointed. You call that a bacon burger? I call that bacon bits.

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