October 10, 2012

Dj Had Us Falling in Love...

Thanks to a little blog hop I did a couple days ago, I have about five new friends! Yay! Thanks bloggy friends. I love finding new blogs and reading about such amazing women out there--you rock!

I've been meaning to post about last weekend and I'm finally finding a chance to do so: it was a fun[ny] weekend and it has 'our luck' written all over it. But it's okay-- because we are blessed.

Matt and I Dj'ed my cousin's wedding this past Saturday and while loading up our "grocery getter" the corner of the speaker hit the back windshield glass right on a sweet spot and shattered the back window. ugh. We were pretty upset, Matt even more so because he did it. But hey, didn't he do a pretty great duct tape job?

We are still working on locating a new back windshield, but I think we are getting closer. Who knew so few existed. And let's not talk about the money that is going to be spent to fix this baby. Ah well. It happens.

In addition to this happening, just a couple days prior, our washing machine started releasing water from the base. Not good. Luckily we have a landlady to pay for this repair, but it still took her a week to get back to us about it. We were getting pretty close to becoming the 'stinky' kids.

But the wedding was beautiful, my husband is the most handsome DJ there is, and seeing my parents dance and be happy is the best. Turned out to be one fab tab weekend. Love was in the air, great tunes were playing, my husband wore a tux, and a whole bunch of family was together celebrating. perfect.

Guess who gets a two week slumber party with this little girl:

That would be me! My parents are vacationing in Florida, and I get to cuddle with Moxy for two whole weeks :) I'll take it!


  1. wow that really sucks about the back winshield. i hope things get fixed soon.

  2. Sorry to hear about your back window, what a total bummer.
    The washer too! Yuck! Glad to hear that isn't coming out of your pocket!
    Being an adult is so expensive! Who knew!?
    The place where that wedding was held is BEAUTIFUL. Love the color and the lighting.
    Also, Moxy is adorable!!! Looks a lot like my parent-in-laws dog Duke.