October 5, 2012

Pretty Grand

So thankful for another week well done.

Our weeks are intense and my actual quality time with Matt is limited, but we are doing it, and we are rocking it, I think anyway.

I've been spending quite a bit of time thinking about how I got to this point in my life. I mean...I have everything I could ever want or need: I'm married to my best friend, both of my parents are living and married to each other, I have a four year degree and working on my masters, I have a (rental) home, I have food for my belly, I have highly unnecessary perks in life (iPhone, DSLR, new computer, cable) I have health (and when I don't it's not entirely life threatening), I have friends (beautiful, talented, life accomplishing friends), I have Jesus.

I know there is more. But look at that list: amazing. I am incredibly thankful and incredibly undeserving of all that this life has given me.

It really is amazing to sit back and think about how we got to this exact moment in time. And how different it would be with out some of the key players and experiences. We are largely the sum of those closest to us and our the experiences lived--I have been so darn lucky to be blessed with the best.

So as we head into this weekend I would love to encourage my friends to see the beauty. I'm not saying everyday is perfect, but for many of us the big picture is pretty grand.

 My bangs finally feel like they are growing out! Yay!

 So I don't claim to be any sort of fashionist, like at all, but I did go thrifting last weekend and found some gems. So this is what I looked like this past week. 

The skirt and shirt are thrifted in the first picture, the cream colored dress was actually bought on the clearance rack at TJ Maxx, the entire outfit in the third picture was thrifted, and the top in the last picture was thrifted. Very pleased with our latest Goodwill trip.

 Now go weekend!

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  1. you look so good! and I agree with you even to the point where I wonder if something terrible is going to happen since things are so good. Bask in it and let your cup runneth over!

  2. super inspirational. and you are lucky to be able to find clothes at thrift stores.

  3. Oh I love this post, girl. I'm constantly having to sit myself down and list all the blessings I have to keep my attitude in check. I'm so spoiled rotten and so undeserving and ungrateful.

    I'm still obsessed with that dress. And that striped skirt? STOP. I need it.

  4. Cute blog and really sweet post. It's important to always be grateful for what you have :)

    New follower via the GFC Blog Hop!


  5. Hi Katie! Found you through the GFC hop. Come check me out sometime!
    Your Newest Follower :)

  6. i love these outfits!! especially the last one, where are the pants from?? newest follower from the blog hop :)

    xo Britta