October 2, 2012


Happy Tuesday...?

Yea. Happy Tuesday! Today is a good day. Nothing too special about today, but the sun did shine for some of it and the temperature was warm and I wore (in my opinion) a cute dress. So yea, Tuesday is a good day.

Since revealing my 'anxiety' post, I've had a few of you talk more privately about your own struggles with anxiety or something similar. It just reminds me that you can honestly never know what's going on inside of someone. I'm fairly passionate about never judging or assuming something about someone else's health. From my own experience I know I never 'look' sick when I'm struggling with anxiety (well over time I do, but not in the typical 'sick' way). It just reassures my thought that we each have our own stories... we each have our own struggles, joys, failures, accomplishments... and so on.

I have quite a few family members and even some friends who probably assume just by my appearance, my upbringing and some of my privileges in life that I have the 'perfect' life. I've struggled with this because I would very freely and openly share with them about my struggles, but no one ever asks. It's just nice to remember that our appearances don't mean much, but the effort of relationship and understanding is everything.

My Tuesday, this Tuesday, is great because today and in this moment, I don't suffer from anxiety. Every additional day/moment that is not plagued with fear, insecurity and bugs crawling on my insides, is indeed, a wonderful day.

Thanks to those of you who read my last post about my 'truth' and thanks to those of you who encouraged me with your words and your desire to pray for me. :)

We went to Matt's home this past weekend and he had the opportunity to sing in church. Yes ladies, my husband sings, and he is darn good at it too. I love love love seeing him worship through his voice.

And my birthday flowers from almost two weeks ago still look lovely. And they still make me incredibly happy.

And lastly my cute dress for today: (I spy a coffee mug)


  1. I'm glad your anxiety has calmed down! I can't remember if I commented on your last post or not...I meant to! Just to encourage you. I've recently been battling anxiety, so I know exactly what you're going through. It comes and goes, and thankfully I'm anxiety free at the moment too :)

    I'm in love with your dress!

  2. Great fortune :) Glad you're doing well!
    And wahoo for hubs who can sing!

    Happy weekend!