November 7, 2012



This picture makes me laugh because I was sporting my dad's alpaca coat on a cold Cleveland day. Matt couldn't take me serious, and clearly either could I.

More Goodwill finds: In the first picture I found this jcrew dress for four bucks! I found the next "safari" dress for four bucks as well, the green pants (brand new, target brand) for three dollars and in the far right picture I found this gem of a shirt (H&M) for three dolla! 

Have I mentioned how much I love a good Goodwill? Matt and I have had no problem almost entirely shopping second hang the past two years. Obviously our under goodies are bought new, but we have had no problem creating great wardrobes from second hand stores. I know it's not for everyone, but I highly encourage considering thrifting. It's a hunt, but always seems so rewarding; especially when money is saved.

Here is our secret: we don't shop at our local Goodwill: we actually shop at a Goodwill in a wealthy suburb. I'm amazed by the quality of clothing and how much stuff is donated brand new. The location of a second hand store does matter, and I have no problem hopping a few towns over for some serious loot. 

Anyway, maybe you are sick of my same old pose in the same old mirror taken at the same old (too early for picture taking) hour: but I'll probably continue to do so as long as I find gems like these at the good ol' Goodwill. :)


  1. Nice scores! There are 3 goodwills that I go to ~ all are hit or miss, but what a great feeling when you find a hidden treasure!

  2. Nice! I would not mind the search if not for my two little tag alongs. They get very creative when they get bored!!!