November 26, 2012

OSU Football, Enough Said

Matt and I had a great Thanksgiving with his family. I always enjoy our visits with Matt's family in Pittsburgh and this holiday was no exception. Always yummy food and fun adventures with Mrs. T, his mama. Thanks for a great Thanksgiving Thomson's!

Come Friday it was time to hang out with my family for a bit. Our family get together was extra special this year as my sister Tam (from Vegas), brother Bill (from North Carolina), my brother Chuck (from Cleveland) and their families all met up in Columbus, OH for a weekend of Ohio State football fun. Every Saturday after Thanksgiving OSU and Michigan play their big rival game. As you can imagine, for us OSU mega fans--  this was bound to be memorable, epic and grand... and it did not disappoint! I think we were all a tad bit daring-- as we tailgated is some pretty chilly weather. What made it all the more special was tailgating in the stadium parking lot--hearing the crowd roar and screaming with the rest of the fans in the parking lot. Oh and it snowed. The entire experience was pretty grand and goes down in the record books as one of the best.

Thanks to all my family who made it possible! Thanks to my hubby for packing, cooking and keeping everything running smoothly. Matt's just good at stuff. So thankful for him!

So glad I got the chance to see my family I don't get to see all that often--always a blessing when we can get together. 

So here is our memorable OSU weekend: Oh and in case you didn't know: OSU won--undefeated season too ;)

My mom, dad and sister Tam with her husband Dan

My sister-in-law Gina and my niece Jennifer

My nephew Adam

Ma and Pa

Sister Tam and Dan

Dad and I

My hubby, Matt

Our tailgate set up

So this was cool!

Snowing.... :)

A good chunk of the group

Skull session. Coolest pep rally out there!

Matt at the Skull session


My brother Bill and my Dad

Oh the things Matt does for love. Thanks for hanging in there Matt! You're a trooper!

Our cook

My other brother Chuck, Matt and I. Yes I was really cold and I was totally okay with being wrapped in a tarp and being called a burrito. That thing was the only thing to get me warm.

See, I look good. Clearly.

Another great memory :)

Watching the game... you can see the intensity on the faces.

Tam and Dan. Did I mention it was cold?
My brother Bill and my Dad again. Some good lookin' Barrington's right there... :)

Our friend Tom, me and Adam's fiance Lauren.

Brother Chuck, Tom, Matt and I.

My sister Tam and I :)

Dad and his girls

Mama and I, enjoying the last few minutes of heat the morning of the game.

Matt and I, enjoying our first OSU tailgate experience. 

 Oh and I did mention they won, right? hehe

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