November 21, 2012

Recognizing the Blessings

Thanksgiving break has found me--and it feels oh so gooood. Matt and I are home with his family in Pittsburgh, ready to celebrate one of my favorite holidays.

I've been so focused on school and work that I've really failed to appreciate the season of thanksgiving. Actually, lately I've found myself wishing for those "things" that I don't yet have in life. Ya know all those cravings I talked about here. The constant desire for:

a baby
or a dog.
another camera lens.
a house.
a yard.
another honeymoon.
salary jobs.
sadly the list could probably go on and on...

But when I finally stop and tell my brain to just "shut-up", I'm bombarded with the truth, and the truth is: I'm stinkin' blessed. So I'm here now and I'm here to declare these blessings upon blessings. Hang tight... it's long.

I'm thankful for:

My parents. I'm thankful for my mom and dad. These parents of mine are like the best, truly awesome. They are giving, they are supportive, they are a source of wisdom for Matt and I... not sure where I would be with out them.

I'm thankful for Matt's family. I'm thankful that they raised that adorable little boy to be the man that Matt is.

I'm thankful for school. Yea, graduate school. I'm thankful for the opportunity, the friends I've made and the experiences we are having. So glad that God had Ohio University as one of our destinations on our journey.

I'm thankful for the doctors and nurses that are taking care of my Aunt Mary. I'm thankful that my Aunt is being strong and courageous as she fights cancer. Oh and I'm really just super thankful for her. :)

I'm thankful for my Grandma and Grandpa Oaky. I'm thankful for the relationship I've had with them my entire life. They've practically helped raise me and I've always appreciated the love and support they have given me.

I'm thankful for: my nephews and my siblings.

I'm thankful for my HEALTH. It's been a year since my last "breakdown" related to my thyroid and anxiety. A whole year of feeling good great! I could not be more thankful for feeling darn good.

I'm thankful for my hobby of photography, not sure I have ever loved a hobby so much. I constantly want to know more and do more picture taking.

I'm thankful for our home to sleep in, our cars, our savings account...

I'm thankful for my faith. That I know something much larger than I exists and He loves me through all my faults. 

and then there is Matt: I am so incredibly thankful for my husband. I'm thankful for his love, his dedication, his zest for life. I'm thankful for his ability to cook, for his humor, for his pleasing spirit. I'm thankful for his compassion, his loyalty and his belief that most all things are possible.
I'm thankful that he is my husband, the future father of my children and the love of my life.

 You see that list of all my blessings?! Seriously... my brain needs to shut up. All in due time. All by the grace of God and all in His timing.

Go and be thankful. Go and share your gratitude and don't to forget to thank the One who has provided it all.

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  1. so many things to be thankful for. so glad the sweet break has found ya. =)

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