December 3, 2012

Egg-Nog Awaits

Matt and I are in the home stretch of this semester! We are almost there--we will be home visiting family by Saturday! So close, yet so far away :)

So my past two weeks have been a bit funky. Quite a bit of procrastination with tiny bursts of productivity. Something about knowing classes are pretty much over and egg-nog awaits me once Christmas break starts. 

So here's my past week or so: We aren't all that interesting... but it's how we roll.

I made soup.
 Matt made soup.
 We put up the saddest looking Christmas tree ever. It's about two feet tall. And we found it in our attic.
 I had exciting news this week so Matt surprised me with sushi as a congratulations! He knows me so well.
 Matt worked late on Friday night, so dinner was up to me. (I'm not the cook, he is.) Thank goodness scrambled eggs saved the day!
 This guy took me on a lunch date on Saturday.
 I decided to take two pictures of myself. I was trying to document my button earrings.
 "Buttons" is the nickname Matt gave me freshman year of college... so it holds a special place in my heart. :)
 Then I hung out with this cutie. Her name is Lilly.
 At some point I decided I needed to work on my 12 page paper. Ughhh. Not sure why, but I was just not feelin' this paper.

Five days & two papers stand between me and Christmas break! Are you ready for Matt and I Momma and Pappa?

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