January 25, 2013


Beware... these pictures may be graphic.

Today, as it snowed (very little) here in Athens, I was reminded of the winter prior to Matt and I getting married. Like most early to mid-twenty year old's, we enjoyed playing in the snow one random snow filled day. It was a good time. We enjoyed building an igloo and drinking wine (yes, we drank chilled wine because we take 'four o'clock wine time' very serious.)

Somewhere along the way my mom suggested something quite ridiculous and probably harmful to your eyes.

Yes, this happened:

Not entirely sure why it happened, but it did. And now it's a fun, silly and cold memory :)

Happy Wintery Snow Days!

1 comment:

  1. It seems like you two had tons of fun!!!! I love to see couples enjoy each other:-)

    ~Have an awesome weekend~