February 24, 2013

Loving and Being Loved

I've been thinking a lot about the luxuries in my life. It's obvious that we all have them.

smart phones
clearly the list goes on and on....

But then I was thinking about what makes my life even better. Like the cherry on top kind of wonderful. And it' because of my husband. Here is where I will list all the wonderful things he does for me:

He drives pretty much everywhere, because he knows I don't enjoy it.
He cooks. And he cooks every meal. It's true.
He does our grocery shopping. Again, it's true and it's amazing. 
He lets me warm my cold feet up on his warm legs when we get in bed.
He takes care of our finances.
He carries my school ID and drivers license with him in his wallet when we go out (no need for a purse!)
He packs my lunch for work everyday.
He hosts people like the best host would.
He fills my water bottle up when I'm running late in the morning.

He does so much. Some are big and some are small. But they all make my life so much better. Loving someone through every action is the best way to love and be loved.

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