February 28, 2013


You know all those friends that you wish you could get together every weekend, but because of time, distance & life, it's just not possible?

Well recently all those things aligned so perfectly that a large chunk of our really great friend managed to be in one place at one time.

It sounds silly, but it was kinda magical. We loved our college experience so when we get those ol' college folk back together, really amazing things happen.

It all started off with one of my dear friends, Annie Yoder, playing her little heart out for Ohio Universities Emerging Artist performance. I knew this would be amazing and by her performing here, we managed to sucker several of our other friends in to visiting as well. My master plan worked at this is what happened:

All these great people in one place= Amazing.

& we watched this happen:

And since you are already here, you might as well hop over here to listen to some music.
It's totally worth your time :)


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