February 19, 2013

What's up Folks?

I. miss. blogging.

But since my life consists of work.work.school. I just can't get around to it as much as I want. bah. Last year I spend a lot of time as a "stay at home wife" which gave me a bunch of time to blog, write, think and so on. So I miss it. I miss this being my outlet. Maybe I'll work on making time for me--and blog :)

Another brief recap:

I had a wonderful Valentines days with my husband! We usually don't do anything, but he surprised me with all kinds of goodies. Flowers at home, flowers at work (with balloons!), a fancy dinner at home. It was such a pleasant surprise. Sometimes it's just fun to celebrate love.

This past week we traveled home to surprise my brother for his birthday. It was a success and lots of fun. I just love my nephews and love seeing Matt be "Uncle Jungle Gym" :)

I cuddled my pup, Moxy. I've said it before here, but I think she is on her way out. She's tiny and tired all the time. But she's been the best friend I could have, so saying goodbye each time I visit with her has been a part of life lately... I just don't know if I'll see her again.

Matt and I had a long drive from Cleveland to Athens on Sunday, but decided to make it a fun and relaxing drive home. We stopped at Ashland University, my bros Alma mater, and conveniently found Grandpa's Cheese Barn. Sounds like heaven, huh? It was filled with cheese and plenty of samples. Considering Matt's Nick name is "Cheese" I had to take advantage of a great photo op.

And now we find ourselves super busy as we approach our interview weekend for our masters program here at Ohio University. In order to get in this College Student Personnel masters program here at OU, you have to participate in an interview weekend. The weekend is really a recruitment weekend for those of us already in the program. So Matt and I will host four individuals here at our house. Here's hoping four girls can get ready for interviews with only one bathroom! Eek!

But before all this happens, one of my best friends is performing here at OU on Thursday. I am so excited for my friend Annie to perform and for my friends here to meet her. She is simply the best.

So that's what's up folks! Hope those of you out there who endure winter are surviving. Man am I tired of this season.

Katie Out

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