February 7, 2013


Week four of spring semester. One month in. Sheesh.

It's gone fast, but at the same time, each and every day is full and intense and longgg.

I'm not sure I have ever been this busy before. I've been busy before with two jobs. But now I'm balancing classes, homework (readings), my assistantship and now a practicum (a mini assistantship). It keeps me busy and it keeps my weeks fast.

One thing that is for sure: I'm loving what I'm doing.

I am so thankful that this was all part of the plan, the journey, the path... whatever you want to call it. I know Matt and I are meant to be in this profession and that we are even meant to be at Ohio University at this point in our lives. That's not something I could have said last year around this time. Amazing how a year can change a lot of things.

I know it's not often that people feel at peace with where life is at. Ya know how we work as humans? Always craving what we don't have or wishing for a future plan over the current one? But I'm pretty confident in saying that I am very happy with school, my assistantships, my hubby. Things are good, and it feels even better that I can recognize the 'good' and relish in it.

While I maybe experiencing a lot of 'good' and 'great' right now, I know so many others who are not. I have so many family and friends with big ugly things happening in their lives. And I just want to make it all go away for them. I want peace and hope for them--I want them to be able to bask in the 'good and great'.

I wonder if we all have seasons of 'good and bad' so that while others are hurting and ill, us who are feeling 'just right', can use our joy to help others. My joy and peace currently have given me the opportunity to spend much more time thinking about others instead of myself. Perspective has always been important to me. Realizing that 'good and bad' are defined so differently by each and every one of us. Our stories, our journeys... they help define what joy and peace are. My 'bad' is easily probably some peoples 'great', I just need to remember that...

So here I am. Feeling great and thankful.

I'm busy. I don't call home enough. I don't see family enough. I miss my dog. I want a baby and a house. But I'm good and even great. And I'm pretty sure I'm exactly where I'm suppose to be.

I'm praying for all those in my family with health issues.
I'm praying for all those friends of mine with big scary life happenings going on.
I'm praying. 

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  1. It is so important to be grateful for everything we have!!

    xoxo Jamie