March 29, 2013

Most Days I Fail

There's not much I can say I do super well. I don't have special athletic abilities, musical talents, or a genius mind. I struggle to be the perfect wife, to not be selfish, or insecure. I struggle with being human, making mistakes, lacking love and even hurting others.

At the end of each day I am reminded that I don't 'do life' perfectly, that I could always be better....

This week I've learned that in my attempt to love others, to seek justice and support what I believe in--I may, unintentionally, do the exact opposite. To which I must sit back, reflect and admit that I've failed.

As a Christian I spend my days trying to be more like Christ, and less like the selfish human-being I am, and most days I fail. Most days... I fail.

One of my dearest friends Carrie, gave me a whole new perspective yesterday: "Sometimes Christianity is less about trying to see how we can look like Christ and more about practicing the art of seeing Christ in others."

So maybe instead of concentrating so hard on being perfect in a way I know is not possible, I will find beauty in what others have to offer. I will learn from those who beam with talents in areas I lack. I will learn to be gracious, forgiving and loving through the ways others have done for me. I will "do Christian" different. 

Thank goodness for Good Friday. For the life that was lost so we could all live. For the ability to wake up each morning with a clean slate and with forgiveness granted.

Most days I fail, but every day I'm forgiven. Happy Easter Weekend!  

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