March 25, 2013

Running Late for Work...

I'm not sure I have ever wanted summer more than I do now. It's practically April and it's freezing out and it's snowing out and it's just so poopy out there. It's amazing how much weather and seasons affect our well being... and I know I'd be much better of a 'being' if I had some sunshine and heat.

Besides keeping busy with work and school there is not much time left for much more of anything. So we just trudge through and hopefully May 3rd will be here before we know it! :)

So last week Matt and I were running late for work. Actually, I was ready for work, but he was still in bed. So to prove to anyone who'd care to know, I took some pics of me dressed in my work shirt while Matt was hiding in the sheets. Proof, clearly, that I don't make us late. ha.

Hey guess what? I saw Colbie Caillat perform, here at OU. She's a really pretty pretty lady. 

Oh and on Saturday we did find some time to head to one of our favorite places here in Athens, Shade Winery. And the sun was even shinning! It was a bit cold, but the sun felt oh so good!

Oh and then this started to happen yesterday:

icky, icky, icky.

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  1. So cool you guys are at OU! I am in Circleville working at Ohio Christian University!