March 8, 2013

Spring Breakin'

Matt and I are on spring break from grad school and it feels so great!

Because Matt and I are good at being busy, we continued suit over break and headed out on a fun road trip. Destinations included: Charlottesville, VA: Williamsburg, VA: Lynchburg, VA &, Pittsburgh, PA.

We first started off in Charlottesville visiting one of my nearest and dearest friends, Carrie. The last time I saw Carrie was nearly two years ago at her wedding. How crazy is that? Matt and I had a wonderful visit with her and her husband Drew. Carrie and Drew spent the past year traveling the world, so to sit down with them, ask questions and just hear their stories--it was pretty amazing. I will forever treasured our weekend visit, knowing that because of distance and life, these visits don't come easily. Thank you Carrie and Drew for your hospitality and your friendship!

Carrie & Katie overload:

Our first picture together after a couple years apart!

  We found ourselves at a pistachio party!
 While is Charlottesville we toured the University of Virgina. While there, Matt found this old key (not too far from Edgar Allen Poes' dorm room) I'd like to think it was his.
 (Edgar Allen Poes' dorm room at UVA)

 We hit up Thomas Jefferson's crib: Monticello. Did you know his house is on the nickel? Yea, me either.
Carrie, Drew & I. Won't ever let these friends go. xo

Then we headed to WILLIAMSBURG! So, some people go south and lay on beaches over spring break, Matt & I, along with his family prefer hanging out in 1775. So we hit up some colonials and enjoyed our time greatly as we explored history and then the campus of William & Mary (the second oldest university in our country. We are full out campus junkies. If there is campus in the town we are visiting, we will explore.)

Step into 1775 with me?

 Colonial Matt Matt

 Does our Edgar Allen Poe key fit here (@William&Mary)?!?
 Colonial Kate
 And a yummy dinner at Shields Tavern. How fun. A big thank you to Matt's family for a wonderful break from reality!
We completed our stay in Williamsburg with a breakfast at the Astronomical Pancake House and guess what? It was far from astronomical :/
After Williamsburg we headed to Lynchburg, VA for the sole purpose of checking out Liberty University (Like I said, campus junkies). Liberty is the largest Christian university in the world. I have always heard so much about this school, and Matt and I had made it a mission to visit. Now we have. Pretty crazy amazing to see so many young adults voluntarily come to a church service to worship together. So thankful for the opportunity to be a part of something pretty special. If you are ever in their area, check out Campus Church, you won't be dissapointed.
During the service we ended with a prayer for the students and those in attendance along with a special prayer for Tim Tebow, who would be on campus this Friday speaking to LU students. Pretty sure we planned our visit a couple days too early. ;)

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