April 5, 2013

Monday After Monday

Dear Monday-Friday: You've been an odd one. Might as well recap, eh?

I should mentioned the oddness started on Sunday evening (Easter), when my mom called me to let me know that my sweet dog, Moxy (who is quite the elder) choked on a piece of kibble. This caused her to pass out, turn blue and head towards the light... until my brother and uncle saved her life. While my brother did some stomach pumps and my uncle gave mouth to mouth--Mox was saved and is back at living life. Resurrection Sunday indeed.

Then came Monday. Monday turned out to be a Monday. Enough said. As Matt picked me up from my academic building and I hopped in the car, we noticed a police officer with his lights on right behind us in the parking lot. As we waited for the officer to head over to our vehicle we were trying our darnest to figure out what on earth we were getting pulled over for. Turns out our vehicle registration expired in September. September. 7 months ago! We have been to VA, PA & all over OH with an expired registration. We got a ticket.

Thinking we could just go pay the fine and renew our registration, we discovered that we actually needed to appear in court. Really, for a late registration? So we did that on Thursday morning. As guys in orange jump suits were called forward for some pretty nasty crimes, I had a hard time not laughing when Matt went before the judge for his late registration. It just sounded really funny comparatively. But guess what? We will probably never be late ever again. That mistake cost us some moola. What a pain in the tush.

Then yesterday as I went to register for fall classes, two of my needed classes meet at the same time, preventing me from being in my capstone course. Only the most important course of my graduate school education. Ya know the course where you write a thesis and pray to pass. Yea, that class. Maybe I won't have to write one and they will just graduate me?? ;) 

And then last night I went ahead and bid on a lens on Ebay (an expensive lens) and guess what? I won! Bah! So in addition to my three lovely lenses, a fourth will be joining soon. Let's just not think about how much that new fine lens of mine cost us. In case you didn't know,  being in grad school at the same time as your spouse makes for two poor people. :)

I can't say it was a normal week, and in addition to the things already mentioned, I had a few phone calls from my mom with news about family members and their health. Those are never fun. So this week felt like Monday after Monday. Except for today. Today is Friday and today I bought a new lens. Today's a good day.

Let's just say I've cured the oddness of this week with this new addiction:

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