April 9, 2013

Losing A Fury Friend

Saturday I lost my very first furry friend--Moxy. 

Moxy was a gift for my 13th birthday. I remember wanting a dog so badly. My brother and sister-in-law took me out on the town for my birthday. After our fun filled day I arrived home to find a bunch of my family members huddling in the kitchen as I walked through the door... and that's when I first saw her, the most adorable puppy I’d ever laid eyes on. She walked through the kitchen towards me with a balloon tied to her collar. 

Even at 13 years old, my heart knew how to melt. My heart was won over so quickly and with such a deep and genuine love. Moxy was just what that young, awkward 13-year-old girl needed.

As it turns out Moxy was just what I needed from that day forward. A friend that loved without condition, a friend that never stayed mad or hurt. Moxy was a friend who knew when your lap needed her and when your heart needed her more. 
Moxy was born deaf and with crazy crooked teeth. She had the prettiest eyes a dog could have, and the biggest desire to be loved. She was the truest side kick a person could find, with a huge crush on mom. She never really loved to be alone always preferring the nearly non existent spot in the chair next to you. Moxy was a faithful pup, clearly brought into our lives to love and be loved.

I was not sure how I would handle losing my first doggy. Mom called me on Saturday to let me know that Mox was really not feeling well and they were headed to the vet. I knew that phone call could come at anytime, but just like any phone call revolving around death, you just aren’t ready for it.

Losing a pet is hard. I knew it had to be. And I’ve always dreaded the day. I believe I experienced a love that far too many of us miss out on. Taking the time to love a pet is pretty worth while and I can say with no doubts that Moxy gave my family far more than we ever gave her.

Not sure what home will feel like as we head north this summer. No more Moxy kisses or cuddles…just some pretty darn cute pictures of the pup that stole my heart.

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