April 20, 2013

Side Note

Check out whose armpit I got to sneak into:

Oh ya' know... just Phillip Phillips.

And then the next night, Matt (and his mama) had a chance encounter with Jim Gaffigan and Kenan Thompson (still waiting on the Kenan photos).

Actually it was far from a chance encounter. As many of you know Matt and I both work in the Campus Involvement Center at Ohio University. Matt specifically works with Programing and Performing Arts. He essentially helps plan all the really fun stuff on a college campus. This past week we had Phillip Phillips on campus on Wednesday and Jim Gaffigan/Kenan Thompson on Thursday. Both were great shows, and what makes each show even better is knowing all the hard work Matt and his bosses put in to each and every event.

Here are some really terrible pictures of these two events:

Due to my job with the Campus Involvement Center I worked as an usher on the night of the Convocation show with three students I work with. 

Best usher team there :)

One week of classes left and one week of finals (but we don't have finals in our grad school program!). So the light at the end of the tunnel is so very near! Summer holds so much to look forward to, just can't wait for it!

I thought I would also add a screen shot of one of the sweetest and "out of the blue" texts from my husband:

Being loved has never felt so good. So thankful for my husband and the life we are making for ourselves.

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  1. Yay for meeting Phillip! I saw him in concert a few months ago and loved him. So fun!!