May 13, 2013

Being a Master Looks Like This:

I mentioned a few days ago that we are on vacation in Maine. And though I wish we could be on vacation like this for the heck of it and whenever we want, we are actually vacationing to celebrate a very important benchmark in our life together.

My husband, Matt, graduated with his a master's degree. Matt now has a master's in Education: College Student Personnel. Just to clarify, one more time... my husband is a master.

Though I've known it from the day I met my husband... that he is bright and creative and smart, he has not always loved academics. Just not his thing, as he would rather be 'doing' than reading from a book. I can't say either of us were sure that graduate school was a possibly for either of us, and yet her we are, absolutely in love with our field of choice, the people we attend school with along with those we work with. I can't imagine our lives not ending up in Ohio University. It was all just meant to be.

So after two years of full time school, a 20+ hours a week assistantship and 10+ hours a week practicum, (along with being a great husband), Matt is done. He is graduated.

I've really looked forward to this day so much. Matt going to school was very much about him. Having him complete and accomplish things he is very good at, but it is also obvious that Matt choosing to go back to school was very much about us; our future, our children.... our happiness.

So on May 3rd I was one pretty darn excited wife, friend, supporter, admirer, fan... I was all sorts of happy and proud.

So here you have it: Matthew Thomson, M.Ed.

The president of the university
Matt "graduating". Still not sure who the guy is that shook his hand....
Cohort friend
I'm just so happy and proud!
Matt and his family. Look at how proud Matt's ma is of him!
Matt's family along with my parents and grandparents: all there to celebrate with Matt!
Matt & his mama
I made a scrapbook of all the shows and events he helped plan or implement along with pictures of some of the guests he got to meet. He's done so much and met so many cool people and he's only two years into his career. I had to come up with some sort of way to remember it all.
Ohio University 2013 (who would have thunk?)
That's right, M. Ed.! Go babe, go!

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