May 12, 2013

Mama's Day

I'll warn you... you are about to encounter some mama overload.

Today is a day that should happen more than once a year. Taking time to celebrate your mom is something that should be constant, and yet it never seems to work out that way. Our moms just do their jobs each and every day, giving it their all, knowing that most of our worlds would fall apart if they somehow stopped doing what they've always been doing.

and yet most days we go about our lives taking it all for granted.

I'm the first to admit that I'm a mama's girl. I love my mom so much. And though I'm married, I still call her almost everyday, have a text message conversation going almost constantly, and consult her for most of my life happenings.

She's a rock for me. She's a rock for most of us.

I think about those who have lost their mom or maybe don't have a loving and self-giving mama like I do... and my heart breaks. I can't imagine this life without the guidance of my mom. Without her laughter and her wisdom.

I can't imagine who I would be if I didn't have my mom to help make me who I am today.

Today is for her. Along with all my other days. I hope everyday that I make her proud, I hope everyday that I am one day closer to being more like her and more like the mama I hope to be.

Happy Mother's Day Mama!

And also a special Mother's Day to my grandma, all my lovely aunts and my dear friends who are all a part of the beautiful network of mothers. I can't wait to join you all someday in the distinguished and honorable role of motherhood. You all inspire me and make this life all the more beautiful. Thank you!


  1. Awe what a beautiful sweet loving daughter I have. I love you dearly and you do make me sooooo Happy and proud!!!
    Love ya bunches MA!