June 4, 2013

Our Time Will Come

I’ve talked about this all before on this blog, but it always seems to creep up on me to the point that I feel it’s necessary to process all over again.

Here’s the scoop: I get in these places where I’m in a constant battle of being content versus wanting more. Not long ago I posted about how everything was feeling so ‘good’ and so ‘right’. I continue to feel that way about a lot of things. School is great. Matt landed a real job at Ohio University. I’ve met really wonderful people there. I’m happy for the life we’ve created in Athens.

But every now and then these desires creep in for ‘more’. Matt and I are in a place where we feel we are ready for what’s next. We are exhausted of summer work (yet so thankful that we have the summer jobs we do), we are ready for an income instead of a stipend ;), we are excited for a location that becomes home for more than a year or so….we look forward to being closer to family…we look forward to buying a house and starting a family…

As I really think about it all and pray about it, it’s clear our hearts are really preparing for all these next adventures. And it’s hard at times to remember that though I want it all right now, I’m still growing and becoming the person I need to be before I have a baby, buy a house, or get a puppy.

That’s why time is a funny thing. Never fast enough, yet always too fast.

Our time will come.

So what am I craving right this minute? This:

 oh and this too:

 Ya know what's funny. This is an expensive camera, but the dog still costs more. Miniature Australian Labradoodles are expensive! But look at that face!

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  1. girl I can relate to this on SO many levels!!! I get you, I totally and completely do!