June 3, 2013



I work retail as one of my summer jobs.

I lose hope in humanity because of my job in retail.

I love people. I love meeting people, talking to people, learning about people. I genuinely love that aspect of my job.


I often sit in amazement as I watch people browse through my store. It’s all very similar to a young child looking for a specific toy, only to find it at the very bottom of a toy box.  

And I’m the mom left to clean it all up.

Yes, it’s my job. I know.

But somewhere along the line I find myself wondering how we all have become such animals in the world of retail. How ravishing through t-shirts is a very similar act to how we once ravished for food in a forest of predators.

I’m looking into this too much, huh?

Ah, well. Cheers to retail and a job that pays! :)


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