July 8, 2013

Holiday Week

Summer holidays are always interesting for Matt and I. We both work tourist jobs. Our jobs consist of serving others who are on vacation enjoying their holiday off from work.

Sometimes it just drives me crazy. I have these moments of feeling like I'm missing out on all kinds of summer memories because I'm stuck working.

I want a picnic, with friends and fireworks. I want to be exhausted from a day out in the sun and laughing too hard.

There is a chance that this is our last summer of 'summer work' (hopefully, anyway). Though we may still have to work holidays in the future, there is a chance we won't have to as well. And I'm holding out hope for the possibility of creating our own amazing summer traditions.

This Fourth of July, Matt and I were both done with work in time to catch fireworks. It was so nice to be a part of this fun American tradition.

This is a special week, my nephews are visiting! We call it grandma camp. A week at my moms house where we do all sorts of fun things. So I get these cute faces for a while:

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