July 3, 2013

Surprises are the Best

Other than a quick post to celebrate my husband, I've not really been up to date with all that's been going on.

Usually not much, but this past week has been a little more eventful than normal.

So first things first. I've been eyeing up a new DSLR, like it's my job. Like nothing else mattered. Like not caring if I wore old holey shoes because I wanted all my money to be saved for a new camera. It was becoming an obsession and really not healthy.

Finally I was able to convince myself that in due time we would be able to afford the camera I wanted. I needed patience and I needed to focus on other things in life and not just getting my hands on a new camera. So I let go of the idea of my dream camera.

Due to some upcoming gigs however it was pretty crucial to have two bodies, so I found a camera that would be just fine for my needs at a fraction of the price. I was totally content and looking forward (even though it was not my dream camera) to using the new "average" camera.

Matt placed the order online. A couple days later he came to me and apologized that he accidentally had it shipped to his parents house. I was confused and wondered how he could make that mistake, I was really itching to get my hands on this second camera.

I knew I didn't have to wait long being that we were headed to his parents house soon, but it did draw out the anticipation by about a week.

Once we got to Matt's parent's house I noticed that in the guest room, where we stay, were three packages wrapped like a birthday present. I told Matt that he had three gifts waiting for him (being that his birthday was quickly approaching). He grabbed the wrapped packages walked out into the living room and handed them to me.

I was again, confused. The gifts were for me. At this point I started to piece some things together. I had entered our guest room looking for my new 'average' camera but could not find it. And then to be given a pretty package, I figured there was really no reason to be wrapping the 'average' camera...

So as you can imagine when I ripped open the present and found my dreamy stud of a DSLR, I about pee'd & cried.

Matt had done it again. Matt managed to surprise me by telling me he 'accidentally' sent the camera to his mom's. When really it was sent there on purpose so she could wrap it and be a part of the surprise. And when he told me he placed the order for the average camera, he had really placed and order for my dream camera.

So the surprise worked, and it's confirmed once again that Matt is so sweet and generous. When we share our money and we both have hobbies we would like to spend our extra money on--it's quite sweet that he allowed me to have the investment in my hobby before his own.

So may I please introduce to you my new Nikon D7100:

And now my old camera has a Mama! I could not believe the size difference in the bodies from the old to new:

I'm spoiled. And I know it. I'm just hoping I continually remember how blessed I am and how undeserving I am of all these "extras" in life.

That was not the only fun and exciting thing that happened last week...

We also went to Creation. Anyone ever heard of it? It's a four day Christian music festival in the middle of nowhere, PA. Matt has been attending for 14 some years. This was my first experience. I was pretty excited to finally experience all that Matt has loved about this event and we ended up having a really nice time.

It rained. Our tent leaked. Our sheets became soggy.

But we had a great time. We connected a bit more with Matt's old church youth group, hung out with Matt's mom, worshiped with 50,000+ people, heard some great speakers, ate delicious food and really just enjoyed our time away from electricity and the real world.

So thankful for the time off from work and the ability to experience Creation.

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  1. a new camera is totally on our wish list for Christmas!

    looks like a great time.