September 3, 2013


ohhhh, so it's been a while.

I love this blog space. I loveee it. But when things get crazy busy this space gets neglected. boo.

This is why I've been busy:

-Grad school started up again. (ugh). This is my second and last year of my masters. I can't wait to be done. But the time that exist between now and then (graduating) feels long and it feels hectic and it feels overwhelming. Yea, those three words about sum it up. I also know I'll survive, but right now it is literally one day at a time.

-Matt works full time for Ohio University! He was hired on to be the Coordinator of Student Activities (or something like that). So he's busy doing something he loves... but he's... busy.

-Andddd.... we got a puppy! Oh my goodness do puppies keep you busy! Sheesh. I knew this, but I didn't reallly know this until I was actually a puppy mama.

May I please introduce you to our puppy, Gouda (we love cheese, what can me say):

4 lbs of Gouda!

And one more notable happening-- Matt was named Employee of the Year at his summer job! Seriously so proud of my husband. I tell you, this husband of mine is going place... big wonderful and well deserving places!

Go babe, go!

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  1. ok I caught up now! Congrats to Matt, yay for Gouda, happy anniversary and congrats for still being able to fit into your dress! I want to put mine on again!!