September 9, 2013

I'm a Mama

.... a puppy mama, and I can't stop taking pictures of my puppy.

Can you imagine when I have a real human baby around? Oh dear.

Gouda's a lot of work, but boy is it nice to have a furry little friend as a distraction from work and grad school and all the homework that goes along with it.

Yes, we bought a dog. And yes, it was pretty much terrible timing for us, but it's so crazy how fast you can fall in love with a furry family member. Moxy, my last dog, would have loved Gouda. I love having Gouda around because he reminds me just how lucky we were to have Moxy in our life for 13 years.

Life is just better with more love in it and that's exactly what Moxy brought to my life before and what Gouda is doing for me now.

Look! I gained a pound!

And I climbed up here alllll by myself!

Oh and I sleep on my back and I look like I'm smiling all the time.

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