July 18, 2014


We move in just two weeks. And I can actually say I feel confident about the status of our packing situation. So from what I hear you can pay people to pack for you...? (That's lovely, I can't afford those people), but what's more shocking to me is that there are people out there who pack up other peoples crap for a living. I would find that job so terrible. Packing up our home was not something I looked all that forward to, but the reward of being in a better house makes is all so worth it. Just don't ask me to ever be a professional packer. icky.

So now that packing is mostly complete, we kinda just sit and wait. We sit and wait for moving day. I have yet to find a full time job, so I have been busy working on my photography business, watching Netflix, editing photos, letting the dog out to pee, and catching up on the Bachelorette. This is the life my friends.

Actually I'd prefer to be working full time. Eh, hopefully eventually. Anyway, photography is my full time commitment right now, so take a look at what I've been working on:

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