July 9, 2014

Two Month Recap

So much has happened.

Why does blogging have to be so hard? I want to document everything, and yet I just don't make the time for it.

It's almost silly to try and recap the last couple months, but I'll make a long story short.

I graduated.
We vacationed in Mexico.
We took a three week trip to Europe.
Matt started working full time (with benefits!) for Ohio University
I'm a stay at home dog momma (with a part time teaching gig come fall)

There you have it. Life has been nutty.
Mexico was amazing, obviously. But then we went to Europe and I'm almost ticked that my eyes don't get to feast on such amazingness regularly. Those beautiful places you see in movies and in google search images, yeahhh they really exist. I wasn't so sure, but then we traveled from Italy to France and I pee'd myself the whole way through.

And now we are back in Athens. Athens, OH. Small town goodness and I could not be happier.

But to add to the continued excitement of the last two months: we are moving. We move in three weeks, just across town, but none the less it's a move. And moving kinda sucks. Right now we live in a box fort where everything feels chaotic and disastrous and nearly three times a day I freak out that we won't be able to get everything packed up and moved by Aug. 1st. But then again, this ain't our first go around with moving and this time we are only moving 7 miles away. I bring in the reinforcements (my mother) next week to be sure that we are all packed and cleaned. What would I do with out that lady!?

So here is a long story in short version, with the help of photos:

I graduated with these amazingly wonderful people. I miss them so much and consider them dear friends and colleagues. OU CSP '14

Mexico... take me back!

Walking the streets of Rome with my love
Lunch outside the Pantheon. I mean come on. Unreal.
Some famous thing in Rome.... ;)
View of Rome
Inside the Colosseum
Exploring some catacombs under Rome. Room after room of glass.
Venice, Italy. Enough said.
Munich, Germany
Lucern, Switzerland. Remember when I said images like this really exist. Here is the proof. And it was only an iphone picture. Sheesh.
Mt. Pilatus, Switzerland
Interlaken, Switzerland
Paris by night

And then real life happened again. Which is mostly okay because we made unbelievable memories and my puppy was waiting patiently for me back home:

Want to see more pictures of my freckled face and my dog Gouda? Check out my instagram, I'd love some new friends: Buttons111

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