April 14, 2010

(100 days!!!)

It has been forever....

I should really get so much better at this. Life always seems so busy and then I forget to do things that mean so much to me... such as write on my blog. :(

But I guess I was just having too much fun? Christmas and the New Year went well. We started into a new quarter at Port Clinton High school and here we now find our selves past Easter and counting down to the last day of school. I must say that my job at Port Clinton has become one of the biggest blessings in my life. I just love being there. I love all the students, my co workers and the joy they all bring me. I can't express how much I care about these students and how much I want them to feel cared for and worthy. They are truly so special to me. I have decided that having a job I love makes a world of difference in the rest of my relationships. I love life more because I love what I do for 40 hours a week, and to God I am thankful for being placed at Port Clinton high school... yes I may cry in 38 days...the last day of school.

Besides loving my job, loving being with Matt as much as possible... I am enjoy the last trimester of this long engagement. Close to three months! 100 days from today I marry MattMatt! My best friend. I can't wait. I seriously can't wait... to go to bed with him, wake up with him, not say goodbye to him at night! Oh the little joys that will make me so giddy and fall in love all over again. I sound like such a sap. But I can't help myself. I am so loved.

Not only is Matt wonderful in general, but he has also been incredibly helpful in helping me with my recent discovery. It was found that I have a thyroid condition called Hostimoto's Disease. This condition is in the beginning stages, however it was suggested that I go on a Gluten free diet. Meaning to eliminate wheat from my everyday foods. This can be quite the challenge. Not to mention it takes shopping three times as long. I look at ever ingredient on every box, bag, container. It is all the beginning process of discovery what foods I can eat and what I can't. What has been amazing about this is how help Matt has been. He genuinely loves helping me find foods to eat, meals to cook.... and then he does just that for me... he cooks! He takes so much pride in the foods he makes and shows his love for all by preparing such great meals. He most definitely shows his love through preparing and making food, and food I can eat! This has made the process so so much easier! I have support and for that, anything is possible!

So this is where I am at.... loving life, counting down till the wedding and eating no wheat! Life doesn't get much better, honestly.

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  1. Woohoo! Finally an update!! :)

    I hope your new diet is working well for you, from the sound of it it is. Thanks Matt for keeping Katie healthy!