June 20, 2010

Back for A Visit

I wish I were better at keeping up with this journal. I would like to look back on this some day and appreciate the consistency of posting... I have already failed.

But anyway. Summer is here again. I really can't get over how fast everything is going. I use to think that adults were silly for saying how fast time flies, but I think I might be becoming an adult. eeek. I survived the entire school year at Port Clinton High School working with the special needs kids and I loved it! Majorly loved it actually. The school year flew by, I made amazing friends and there is a good chance I may be placed in the same classroom this coming school year. Once school got out in early June I jumped right into my other job at the World Next Door in Lakeside. It's a fair trade store and I really love that job too. Much different pace from my other job. I am feeling quite blessed to be working and getting very close to my wedding.

As of today we only have 33 days left. How crazy? This shin-dig is surly to be here before we know it. Matt and I are both very excited. It will be so nice to be married, live together and sleep in the same bed. It really is the small things that I look forward to, but of course I am also excited about the wedding day and the vacation that follows! We will be in Mexico in only alittle over a month. I am pretty pumped about that. My biggest hope is that I enjoy every moment leading up to this day because I know it will all be over before we know it. I want to make the most of it and I really don't want to stress. I think Matt and I combined will be a relaxed bride and groom. Just so excited to bring together all our favorite people for our special day.

Besides a lot of working and preparing for the wedding Matt and I are getting our new apartment situated. The space is larger than Matt's last place and it's exciting to know that this will be "our" place. We really like the place except for the...pepto-bismol wall color. But we are not sure we want to put in the work or the time to paint them... when we are not sure what the next year holds for us.

We have really fallen in love with being up in this area. To have the water, beaches and vacation feel all summer long is so awesome. We would love to make this our home for the next several years, but I believe one of us needs a little better job. If only jobs were not so limited here in the area.... we already online shopped for some housing up here, and it's amazing what we could get for our money. ugh. All in due time, I know.

So I would guess that this will not be updated again until after the wedding, which is a crazy thought. To be married in a month....

I must say I am pretty excited about becoming a Thomson, but of course I'm a true Barrington. Off to celebrate fathers day with my Pa and eat some really yummy foods.

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  1. I'm glad you made it back for another go! Oh my goodness, your wedding is so soon, how exciting!! I will see you maybe in something like 30 days. :)